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Xuzhou HuaLin Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Xuzhou city, JiangSu province, our company is founded in 2019, although we are a young company, our main 4 founders have already done plywood business for more than 15 years. Frank Wang is the president who has done purchasing for more than 20 years, he knows most of all factories and he is good at communicating on factories. Eric Xia is the marketing manager who has done selling for about 12 years, Jeffery Stone and Natural Yu are sales manager who also done selling for about 10 years.

How to distinguish the quality of plywood?

Here are some simple ways to select and distinguish the quality of plywood: First of all, the defects that are not allowed in any grade of plywood are open glue (separation between plywood layers), bubbling (there is a sheet of skin on the front and back that is not glued to the core board, so it bulges slightly). These two defects will directly affect the use of plywood. 1. Panel level First o...
How to distinguish the quality of plywood?

What is plywood for?

First of all, the definition of plywood Plywood is a plank formed by rotating logs into large veneers along the direction of annual rings, drying and gluing, and then forming blanks and gluing them according to the principle that the wood grain directions of adjacent veneer layers are perpendicular to each other. The number of veneer layers is odd, generally three to thirteen layers, common thr...
What is plywood for?

Introduction to the use and classificatio...

Uses of plywood 1. Usually, our common plywood is mainly used for the bottom plate of decorative panels, the back plate of panel furniture, as well as for various wooden handicrafts and product packaging, etc. 2. Generally, building plywood on the market is mainly used in outdoor conditions, such as building exterior decoration and concrete formwork, and it is also use...
Introduction to the use and classification of plywood
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